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our creativity..

Is the hallmark of our designs... We’ll work with you to create a custom lapel pin that you will be proud to wear... and proud to give. We offer the widest range of design options available anywhere... a choice of materials, finishes, and techniques... beautiful custom and stock packaging choices that are much more than an afterthought...

Let's Get Started..

We know, designing a custom lapel pin can be challenging... so we’re here to help! First, we need some information from you. The required fields are indicated with a *. An estimate of the quantity you’ll need is commitment necessary. If you have a preference for the type of pin, or a specific size in mind... let us know....but we’ll make a suggestion based on your artwork as well.

What's the Process?

Once we have the proper information...we’ll get to work. You’ll get a concept and a budget for your design. Once you’ve approved it in general terms, our artists will design your custom lapel pin and send you detailed, full color artwork for your approval. If you’re not delighted...we’ll make the changes that you’d! Once we have your OK, we’ll make your custom pins, package them the way you’ve selected, and send them to you.

SOunds Expensive!

Because we are a prime source, with our own production facility, you’ll find our prices are the best value there is... Guaranteed!

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